Mastering Music

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Mastering Music for Education

Mastering Music Online

Mastering Music is a teaching and learning resource with lessons covering all aspects of music. The Lessons Overview page will give you an overview of the lesson material provided and this will open in a new tab. These lessons have been mapped to the curriculum for each Year level (3-12) for easy assignment by teachers. Mastering Music Online offers the following benefits.

  1. Using Google Classroom or your Learning Management System (LMS) each person logs in using their educational account.
  2. No class lists are required, so students do not need to remember username/password and admin staff do not need to provide class lists.
  3. Lessons can be assigned individually to student classes or you can customize a lesson plan for each class for students to work through.
  4. The 400+ lessons cover performing, composing, arranging, mixing, notation, aural training, music theory and film scoring.
  5. The Mastering Music Sequencer can be used stand-alone to compose, arrange and print your own compositions and/or import MIDI files.
  6. All the song files and lesson results are stored in the cloud for easy access at any time, anywhere and on any device.
  7. There is a dedicated teacher interface to view and mark student work, optionally set up lesson plans and set a passing grade.

Educational Registration

When a school or university registers an invoice is produced in the customer's currency based on the licence size entered during registration and sent by email. The educational institution has 30 days to trial Mastering Music from the registration date and can discontinue use without needing to pay this invoice by notifying Datasonics if Mastering Music does not meet their requirements. The pricing in each country is a fixed annual subscription per student using that country's currency that normally replaces the cost of a text book. The pricing is calculated and displayed during registration to inform the registrant of the licence cost. When you click "Educational Registration" you will be taken to a page that asks you to sign in with Google and you must use your email from your Google Education Account as this will be the domain that is used for others from your educational institution to register up to the licence size.

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