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Mastering Music Online for Education

Learn music online using the best online music software for schools to teach and learn composing, arranging, mixing, notation, aural training, music theory and film-scoring and perform simple to advanced songs on their chosen instrument.
Music Lessons
  1. mapped to curriculum for Years K-12
  2. 400+ self-paced lessons for personalized learning
  3. categorized by Year Level and activity type
Easy Technology
  1. browser-based with nothing to install
  2. works on all devices including Chromebooks & tablets
  3. stores songs & results in the cloud for easy retrieval
Student Access
  1. single login from Google or Microsoft Education Account
  2. protects student safety and privacy
  3. easy-to-use instructional and video help on all lessons
  4. compose and print compositions and import MIDI files
Teacher Access
  1. assign lessons using Google Classroom or other LMS
  2. online Professional Development Courses for Teachers
  3. admin interface to view, monitor and mark student work
  4. direct email support with the developers for all schools

Music Lesson Categories


Beginner to advanced songs in all styles and instruments

Composing, Arranging, Mixing, Film Scoring and much more!

Part and Conductor Scores in concert & transposed pitch

Ear training, music theory plus rhythmic & melodic dictation
Each lesson is delivered from a single URL using Google Classroom, Microsoft or your LMS.
All work is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval at any time on any device.
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Educational Registration

When a school or university registers an invoice is produced in the customer's currency based on the licence size entered during registration and sent by email. The educational institution has 30 days to trial Mastering Music from the registration date and can discontinue use without needing to pay this invoice by notifying Datasonics if Mastering Music does not meet their requirements. The pricing in each country is a fixed annual subscription per student using that country's currency that normally replaces the cost of a text book. The pricing is calculated and displayed during registration to inform the registrant of the licence cost. When you click "Educational Registration" you will be taken to a page that asks you to sign in with Google or Microsoft and you must use your email from your Google Education Account or Microsoft Education Account as this will be the domain that is used for others from your educational institution to register up to the licence size.

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