Mastering Music Online Teacher Help Videos

The following set of videos will help teachers use Mastering Music Online effectively with their students.
Mastering Music Online Lesson Architecture
This video shows the Lesson Architecture of the provided lessons. The lessons are categorized by year level and mapped to the curriculum for K-12, with each year level showing the Learning Experiences, Content Descriptors, Syllabus Outcomes, Musical Concepts and Musical Skills. For each year level the lessons are shown in lesson order or further divided into activity type - performing, composing, publishing and musicianship - with each lesson showing the content descriptors, syllabus outcomes and musical concepts for teachers to select the lessons that meet their requirements. The theory and aural lessons are marked by the software, while the sequencer lessons are creative lessons and require a teacher to mark them using the attached rubric. It then shows how to assign lessons individually using Google Classroom and setting up lessons or courses in other LMS such as Canvas.
Mastering Music Online Account Maintenance
This video shows how to edit your licence name and customise your home page with your school logo. You can also set up registration domains to allow new teachers and students to register and set up registration keys to further customise teachers and students during registration. This is necessary when your school domain is shared rather than private such as public state schools and catholic schools within the same diocese so that new registrations will be directed to the correct educational licence as the registration process will ask for the registration key when an email address using that domain is entered. Registration keys can also be used to allocate students to a specific class or group during registration by specifying this group as part of the registration key. New groups can be set up in the Group Maintenance page as shown in its own video below.
Mastering Music Online Lesson Plans
This video shows how to set up a Lesson Plan in Mastering Music Online for use with groups of students. This is achieved by using the Lesson Plans page that is available only to teachers. Using the same architecture, it is very easy to filter the 400+ lessons by year level, activity type and musical concepts to very quickly identify the lessons required for the lesson plan and the order in which they will be presented to the students. Each lesson plan consists of a set of lesson topics with each lesson topic containing one or more lessons. The major advantage in using a lesson plan within Mastering Music Online is the ability to assign this lesson plan to a class that lets the teacher monitor each student's progress through the lesson plan.
Mastering Music Online Groups
This video shows how to set up groups within Mastering Music Online that allows the monitoring of students within that group. The most important reason to set up groups is to assign a lesson plan to them that they need to complete and when each student logs in they will be presented with their lesson plan rather than the 400+ set of lessons which provides greater control by the teacher on the lessons that are available to the students. This includes setting a passmark percentage which ensures that each student gets to understand the concepts presented in each lesson topic before progressing to the next topic as the remaining lesson topics are locked until they obtain the required passmark.
Mastering Music Online Student Results
This video shows you how to monitor students results within a group that has been assigned a lesson plan. Because the lesson plan contains multiple lesson topics, the results page shows a column for each lesson topic that shows the result percentage for each student. This provides a very quick reference to review each student's progress through the lesson topics within the lesson plan and how each student is progressing. Because the software records each answer it is possible to drill down to review each student's work that can be very helpful if a student is having difficulty with a particular topic and thereby provides personalized learning for each student. This page also provides the teacher with the facility to mark song lesson tasks such as a composition or a film-scoring task, because these tasks use the Mastering Music Sequencer and tend to be creative tasks.