Frequently Asked Questions

Can you only register for Mastering Music using a Google Account?

Yes. All of your song files and all of the work saved from lesson files get stored on your Google Drive. Therefore, you must be signed in with Google to use this software.

Is Mastering Music only for Education Use?

No. You can register for educational use, professional development and individual use. Schools, Colleges and Universities that use Google Classroom will find it very easy to use Mastering Music.

How do teachers assign lessons to their students?

1. With Google Classroom

  • Browse the lessons for the desired Year Level group and click the Google Classroom icon for the desired lesson
  • Choose the class from the class list
  • Type any instructions required and assign the lesson to the class

2. Without Google Classroom

  • Browse the lessons for the desired Year Level group and copy the URL for the desired lesson
  • Paste the URL into an email and add any instructions
  • Send the email to all students in the class

How do students work on the assigned lesson?

  • Open the lesson within Mastering Music by clicking on the URL link in their email
  • Work on the assignment and save the work to their Google Drive by clicking "Save New Task"
  • Resume work on the assigned lesson by opening the saved work from their Google Drive or by clicking the original URL link in their email and selecting their previously saved work when prompted
  • Sequencing lessons can be marked by teachers using the teacher interface within Mastering Music.