Family Fun

Music Makes You Smarter!

Music engages the whole brain and helps to improve memory through rhyme, rhythm and melody. This allows children to store information in their long-term memories more easily. Music is also an excellent medium for self-expression as it fosters creativity and imagination.

Aligned to the School Curriculum K-12

Advance your child's musical learning with these year and activity-based curriculum lessons. The flexible lesson structure allows for students to gain the most from their learning experience. Commencing with no knowledge of music, the lessons work through to advanced musical concepts; so parents can be confident that these lessons will advance their child's musical ability and skills.

Online Learning

Rather than teaching you how to play an instrument, these 400 online lessons will teach you how to read and write notation, compose, arrange and mix music, improve your ear and provide the maximum learning potential through self-paced lessons and exercises.

The videos shown below are examples of the three types of lessons in operation. These can be opened in full screen to see the operation in detail.

Knowledge Learning - Theory Lessons
Auditory Learning - Aural Lessons
Active Learning - Creative Lessons

Create Music

Mastering Music includes a stand-alone composition tool that allows you to compose songs from a basic melody through to a complete orchestration. This composition tool includes an in-built synthesizer and can be used with an external keyboard or other MIDI instruments to record compositions in real-time.


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