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Mastering Music Education Special Offer

Learn music online using the best curriculum-based music software for schools to teach and learn composing, arranging, mixing, notation, ear training, music theory and film-scoring and perform simple to advanced songs on their chosen instrument.
Music Lessons
  1. aligned to the curriculum for Years K-12
  2. self-paced lessons for personalized learning
  3. over 400 lessons categorized by year level & activity type
  4. covers theory, ear-training and creative activities
Teacher Operation and Access
  1. assign lessons using Google Classroom or other LMS
  2. online Professional Development Courses for Teachers
  3. admin interface to view, monitor and mark student work
  4. complete freedom with custom lesson plans
Recording Studio
  1. compose, arrange, mix and print music
  2. powerful editing tools across 6 editors
  3. import and export MIDI files and Music XML
  4. in-built virtual keyboard and synthesizer
  5. record from external keyboard in real-time
Easy Operation and Access
  1. single login from Google or Microsoft Education Account
  2. nothing to install
  3. works on all devices any where, any time
  4. all work stored in the cloud for privacy and security
  5. narrated text, instructional and video help on all lessons


best for K-4 Teachers
$ 250 00USD
per school annually
Lessons K-4
Classroom Primary PD Course
Upper Primary
best for Years 5-6
$ 5 00USD
per student annually
Lessons K-6
Classroom Primary PD Course
Recording Studio
Drum Loops
Sync to Video
Junior Secondary
best for Years 7-8
$ 10 00USD
per student annually
Lessons K-8
Secondary Music PD Course
Recording Studio
Drum Loops
Sync to Video
Senior Secondary
best for Years 9-12
$ 20 00USD
per student annually
Lessons K-12
Secondary Music PD Course
Recording Studio
Drum Loops
Sync to Video
Register using your Google or Microsoft Education Account. All files stored on your Google or One Drive for easy access at any time, anywhere on any device.

Limited time offer of licence until end 2024 for the price of an annual subscription. Register now for your 30-day free trial with no credit card required.
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  1. Nothing to install
  2. Works on all devices
  3. 400 Online Lessons
  4. Aligned to School Curriculum K-12
  5. Composition Sequencer
  6. Drum Loops
  7. Sync to Video
  8. Full Notation editing and printing
  9. Real-time record from MIDI keyboard
  10. Custom Lesson Plans
  11. Monitor Student Results
  12. Use rubrics to mark creative lessons