Real-time MIDI recording direct from your MIDI synthesizer
Runs in your browser with nothing to install
Sync your composition to YouTube video using drag/drop
6 editors providing complete flexibility and editing freedom with infinite undo/redo on all functions
Global Editor
Keyboard Editor
Drum Editor
Notation Editor
Mixdown Editor
Tempo Editor

Full Notation Editor to edit and print your music
Print individual parts
Print conductor scores in concert and transposed pitch
Song and track notation rules for quick and powerful editing
One version of your song to play and print
Notation symbols grouped into categories to minimize screen clutter.
MIDI Meaning on all yellow categories
Plays all structure markings
Conductor scores grouped by family
Automatic drum notation translating played note to written note/head type
Auto chord analysis including full jazz extensions + guitarist chord chart

Perform songs from beginner to advanced for all musical styles on your chosen instrument
Songs for solo instruments, bands, orchestra and choirs
Change tempo without changing pitch to practise at a slower pace
Solo/Mute the melody and play along with the accompaniment
Load a MIDI file and play along with the song
All instruments supported including automatic transposition
Sample Beginner Song
Sample Advanced Song

Mastering Music provides 400+ curriculum-based lessons for Years K-12
How are the Mastering Music lessons structured?
  • Grouped into Year Levels (K/1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12)
  • Each Year Level Group contains curriculum details about Learning Experiences, Content Descriptors, Syllabus Outcomes, Musical Concepts and Musical Skills
  • The lessons in each Year Level Group are categorized into 4 activity types for easy reference and selection

Beginner to advanced songs in all styles and instruments

Composing, Arranging, Mixing, Film Scoring and much more!

Part and Conductor Scores in concert & transposed pitch

Ear training, music theory plus rhythmic & melodic dictation
Each lesson is delivered from a single URL using Google Classroom, Microsoft or your LMS.
All work is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval at any time on any device.
Google Drive
Google Classroom
One Drive

Mastering Music Testimonials

"Mastering Music has been developed by experienced musicians and music educators to place the power and the pleasure of digital music-making in the hands of students, taking them from musical rudiments to advanced skills in performance, composition and listening. It embeds the foundational skills of aural discernment, notation and arrangement within interactive learning experiences that allow students to develop their ability to compose, perform and record their own music using the power of a DAW, but all running from your web browser with nothing to install. Mastering Music is a comprehensive learning package that can enhance any school music program and is supported by an informative professional development course and a highly experienced production team."
Dr Philip Cooney, Wycliffe Christian School, NSW, Australia

Excerpts from Mastering Music Workshop USA